When Good Pets Go Bad

Wouldn't like to get bitten by that dog

I certainly wouldn’t like to get bitten by that dog

Back in May 2013 I visited California for a friend’s wedding party. I was unable to attend their wedding, which took place in England a few months before, and so contented myself with a trip to California when they were back visiting the bride’s family. I spent the night in the bride’s home town of Santa Clara and was about to head off to Santa Cruz for a day at the beach.

As I was lying on the bed channel hopping and experiencing some truly terrible North American television, a show called ‘When Good Pets Go Bad 2’ or as I like to call it ‘When Stupid Morons Get Their Comeuppance’ caught my attention. As you have probably deciphered from the obvious title of the show it is about when animals, who are supposedly pets, attack humans. Now I can see the comedic value in a gerbil biting the finger of his or her owner as he shows it to the camera but some of these clips were downright dangerous and pretty scary to watch.

Black Bear

Although smaller than its grizzly cousin,black bears can be just as dangerous

One such clip was of a black bear sitting quietly next to its owner while being interviewed by a female presenter. The bear turns his head and looks at the presenter and, without warning, lashes out. In one swift movement the bear tries to grab the presenters head and take a huge bite out of it. The bear handler quickly intervenes as does another gentleman who I can assume is the producer or director, or another member of the production crew. The bear then turns its attention to this gentleman and spends the next few minutes wrestling said gentleman on the floor. They eventually get the bear back under control.


A truly cruel sport that should have been wiped out along with smallpox

Another clip was set in either Spain or Mexico, and was showing the cruel and horrific ‘sport’ that his bull-fighting. There were several clips of matadors ‘ole’-ing and dodging the bull’s charge then stabbing the beast with swords and spears. One truly disgusting display of animal cruelty was when one matador set the bulls horns on fire. Naturally the bull took a dislike to being treated in this manner and the following scenes consisted of the bull getting a little pay back on the matadors and the clowns (who are used to distract the bull). This revenge consisted of them being trampled, kicked and gored. At one point the bull leapt into the crowd and proceeded to crush the spectators.

Macaque Monkey

Animal testing is very controversial. Some people see it as necessary for medicine trials, others think it’s cruelty.

There was yet another scenario where monkeys had escaped from a research facility and were terrorising the local town. We’ve all seen the 1995 film Outbreak starring Dustin Hoffman. Those monkeys could have been carrying all sorts of diseases that could have been transferred to humans. One of the Animal Control guys wasn’t even wearing protective equipment when he captured one of the monkeys and was scratched quite badly. Let’s just hope he caught something nasty for his folly.

The King of the Jungle…a far cry from its more domesticated cousin, the house tabby.

Finally there was a scene of a lion sitting next his handler whilst being interviewed by another young and pretty presenter. Yes you’ve guessed what is going to happen next. The lion decides its lunch time and mauls at the arm of the presenter leaving several nice, deep gouges. Once the lion was back under “control” the producer of the show approaches the handler and tells him that he has a bad lion. The handler turns to the producer and replied “No the lion is not bad, he just isn’t a pet”

That really is the point of this post. This really was a stupid show. Lions, bears, monkeys and bulls are not pets nor are millions of other species for that matter. They are wild animals who get thrust into situations that they don’t understand, are expected to behave like a domesticated animal and then people wonder why these animals lash out. To make things worse these unsuspecting people can get seriously injured on these shows and we use it for entertainment. I think there’s something wrong with that.

What are your views on these shows?


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